Friday, November 2, 2007

I tried, and I failed.

I just can't seem to make a rollover of these two images:

I just thought it would be real cute as little faux-animation. If anyone knows how to write a rollover for blogger, holler.


Zusty said...

Normally I'd say you want an onmouseover, but you don't have access to the page head or anything, huh. I guess you could try jamming it in-line.

(Hi, I bought one of your shirts at SPX; I was the stranger from RISD who knew Dan Strange.)

maris wicks said...

Hi zusty,
I'll keep playing around with it; I've seen it done before on Blogger...I hope the shirt hasn't been keeping you up at night! (It always scares me when I turn out the lights.)


AARON B said...
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AARON B said...

If you can't use java, then why not just make it into an animated gif instead?