Sunday, June 29, 2008

More comics...

Since I haven't been posting regularly (mostly due to the not-being-home-because-I'm-at-a-comic-book-convention situation), I'm going to go ahead and post a bunch of the notebook-y comics I've been doing. Most of them are still drawn on the subway, but now I ink them afterwards. I'm just not so great at doing "sketchy" or "on the fly" comics. Hopefully I can get on a schedule where I post one of these each day. Here goes:

Date-wise, these are all out of order. I just want to catch up. SO I CAN POST MORE COMICS...bwahahahaha!

Friday, June 27, 2008


Where to start...where to start. Ah! Last week. So, last Thursday, Ms. Liz Prince and I flew to Charlotte, NC to attend Heroes Con 2008 (Mr. Joe joined us a day late due to prior commitments). On our connecting flight, we ran into a Mr. Kaz Strzepek, and, once on the ground in Charlotte, we were greeted by a Mr. Greg Means and Mr. Alec Longstreth (thank you thank you thank you for carting our bum-bums around!). Liz and I parted ways, for I had a rendez-vous with a Mr. Paolo Rivera. I settled into my temporary abode and topped of the evening with some CABLE TELEVISION (le droolz).
The next morning, I awoke to sunny downtown Charlotte. But first things first: I completed my daily ritual of rigorous calisthenics and cleansed my body (with complimentary hotel toiletries, of course) in preparation for the big day that lay ahead. As I stepped into the sweet, Southern air, I let my eyes fall upon the concrete wonder that is the Charlotte Convention Center. This would be my semi-lucrative day-time dwelling for the next two and a half days...



But really, I had some time to kill sitting at my table, so I tried to draw everyone I knew (or knew of) within eyeshot. Also, some peeps I hung out with afterwards (I can't say that I wasn't inspired by Mr. Matthew Reidsma's SPX drawings of yesteryear). What I wouldn't give to be marooned on the Indie Island...




I had awesome neighbors! Mr. Jim Ottaviani on my right, and Ms.MK Reed and Ms. Liz Baillie on my left (see above for rough interpretations of the actual people I just mentioned).


All I had for dinner on Saturday was BLIZZARDS AND BOURBON! Let's just say it was a good night, and leave it at that, all right?

Heroes Con was AWESOME! (Did I already say that?). I had an AWESOME TIME! Are you feeling the AWESOMENESS yet?

But then, Mr. Joe and I tried to fly back to Boston. Here's us waiting in the Charlotte Airport:

Luckily, we ran into Mr. Brian Ralph (who was waiting for the same flight to Baltimore) and convinced him to watch our bags, eat at Chili's and draw comics with us.
Once we FINALLY arrived in Baltimore at around 12:30 AM, there were no more flights to Boston (le sadz et le tiredz). The next possible flight we could take was at 6:30 AM. AWESOME (<---that one is sarcastic, not to be confused with the three previous "AWESOMEs"). Brian kindly offered up his place (thank you, again), but we figured it'd be better just to wait it out:

IT WAS COLD, BRIGHT, AND LOUD (no thank you, rude, evil swearing night workers who blatantly KNEW that we were trying to catch a wink and didn't give a flying FUDGESICLE). Regardless, Mr. Joe and I made it safe and sound back to Beantown around 7:30 the next morning.

In short, I would totally do Heroes Con next year (if Charlotte would have me again, that is). A super-duper thanks to Mr. Dustin Harbin for alerting me of this con, and making it a great show. And for looking ultra-swanky in that hawt white suit. YOWZERS.

Oh, and I do realize that this might just be the weirdest blog post on Dots For Eyes yet. heh heh


Monday, June 16, 2008

Let's watch the sun rise...

...or not. It really does feel like I'm stuck in a giant butt crack, especially when it's muggy outside.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Taking my work home with me...


No matter how much I was my hands after work, I generally have an "ocean" flavor to my skin. Yum.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


So, last weekend, Joe and I attended the MoCCA. It was the hawt. It was also the fun.

I meant to mention that we were going on the bolg, really, I did. But somehow I never got around to it. Some of the highlights from our trip to NYC:

1. Saw lots of people (yay for internet friends who actually "exist" now!)
2. Had Red Vines for the first time...PLUS I drank Sprite using a Red Vine as a straw (thank you, Alec)
3. Lost my voice (and supposedly sounded like a eighty-year-old tranny...thank you, Greg)
4. Sweated constantly (thank you, heat wave)
5. Bought some comics
6. Saw some AWESOME lightening in Chinatown after consuming the most delicious vegetarian Dim Sum

Here's everything that I ate on Saturday (the day before the Dim Sum):

For some reason, this MoCCA wasn't as fun as the last year's, but last year was our first time. And this time, I was bogger-y. And covered in sweat. And farting (uh, like that doesn't happen ALL THE TIME...). And completely unable to talk on Sunday. Eh, it was still awesome.

Speaking of convention-type thingies, Joe (and Liz, and like a butt-load of other people) will be attending Heroes Con this coming weekend. Boo-yah!!! I'll have the same-ol' stuff (stuffed super heroes, t-shirts, assorted mini comics), and I'll be selling my wares some where amidst the shore of Indie Island. Come by and say "hi". I guarantee that I will be wicked tired.

Back to the past few weeks. I've been drawing lots of comic on the no-no paper (you know, lined paper that is for note-taking, not comic-making) while on my way to and from work. So I'll be posting those now and then. But since this post is pretty much about MoCCA, I might as well post the ones I drew while I was there. Here we go!

So, yeah, more comics soon.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

One more cup of Weasley for the road...

I had to add this one. I had it half done as of this morning, but I finally sat down and "finished" it (the sketch part that is).

Side note: I had three days off from my fishy job (which is going swimmingly, might I add), and I spent it inside my apartment...working. It was pretty treacherous, considering how AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL it was outside today (to be fair, I took a half-hour walk to get some fresh air...and coffee). Given my commitment to the indoors, I've been playing music non-stop. I don't usually do this, but for fun, I'm going to post what I've been listening to:

The Arcade Fire - Funeral
Beirut - Gulag Orkestar and some EP
Islands - Arm's Way (not sure how I feel about this just came out)
Sunny Day Real Estate - Diary
Weezer - this random CD of unreleased/b-sides I unearthed whilst cleaning...with songs so good they make me want to poop my, in a good way ::ahem:: )
The Stereo - Three Hundred (guilty pleasure ::drool:: )
Smog - a bunch of stuff from random albums...thank you Ann and Evan
Jonathan Richman - Best of Jonathan Richman
The Alkaline Trio - I Lied My Face Off EP, Goddammit! (that last one was an album, not me cursing)
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Broom (just bought this, and I like it)
Nada Surf - The Weight is a Gift
The Blow - Paper Television (also just got this, and it has definitely grown on me...OMG I heart the "Parentheses" song)
The Magnetic Fields - I
Currently: Islands...again (giving another go - still not sure about's kind of like a rock musical, and I generally like albums that sound like rock musicals, but...I dunno)

Random, I know. I always like to read about what people listen to when they work. So there's my 2 cents.

Spare time?

During my spare doodling time, I've been sketching Harry Potter characters, under the influence of the Harry Potter Drawing Challenge (yeah, I'm a wee late on the uptake, but whatever). I've decided to do all them as sketches first, then have the pleasure of inking them [relatively] all at once. I heart myself some inking. And then, I will color them. Don't look for the end of this anytime soon, as I am currently running short on having the spare time. Here's the first four (as done over the past month):