Saturday, June 14, 2008


So, last weekend, Joe and I attended the MoCCA. It was the hawt. It was also the fun.

I meant to mention that we were going on the bolg, really, I did. But somehow I never got around to it. Some of the highlights from our trip to NYC:

1. Saw lots of people (yay for internet friends who actually "exist" now!)
2. Had Red Vines for the first time...PLUS I drank Sprite using a Red Vine as a straw (thank you, Alec)
3. Lost my voice (and supposedly sounded like a eighty-year-old tranny...thank you, Greg)
4. Sweated constantly (thank you, heat wave)
5. Bought some comics
6. Saw some AWESOME lightening in Chinatown after consuming the most delicious vegetarian Dim Sum

Here's everything that I ate on Saturday (the day before the Dim Sum):

For some reason, this MoCCA wasn't as fun as the last year's, but last year was our first time. And this time, I was bogger-y. And covered in sweat. And farting (uh, like that doesn't happen ALL THE TIME...). And completely unable to talk on Sunday. Eh, it was still awesome.

Speaking of convention-type thingies, Joe (and Liz, and like a butt-load of other people) will be attending Heroes Con this coming weekend. Boo-yah!!! I'll have the same-ol' stuff (stuffed super heroes, t-shirts, assorted mini comics), and I'll be selling my wares some where amidst the shore of Indie Island. Come by and say "hi". I guarantee that I will be wicked tired.

Back to the past few weeks. I've been drawing lots of comic on the no-no paper (you know, lined paper that is for note-taking, not comic-making) while on my way to and from work. So I'll be posting those now and then. But since this post is pretty much about MoCCA, I might as well post the ones I drew while I was there. Here we go!

So, yeah, more comics soon.



Greg said...

Sorry for torturing you about your voice. Next year we should learn sign language.

Adam Sacks said...

Hoarse? Nay?

Well played Maris.

Billy Fore said...

That slug was so make-out-worthy