Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It was a valiant effort...

Our Fistacuffs team revealed:

Team When Nature Calls You Out
Mic Mollusk: Liz Prince
You want S'more?: me
Peter Sock 'em Tail: Evan Larson

We fought the good fight, but came out on the bottom. Good luck to those continuing on, and good game to those in our boat.

Wonder Woman Rodeo

So I entered this Wonder Woman Wardrobe War contest over at Project Rooftop (partly because Joe was doing it...good ol' peer pressure!). Aside from owning Wonder Woman undies when I was younger and watching the Justice League cartoon, I didn't have any attachments to her character. This was probably a good thing, since the focus would be on her costume and not her character. Unable to ignore the weirdness of the lasso (in comparison with the rest of her get-up), I picked a Western-style and ran with it. Since her costume is already über-American (red, white, and blue with stars...), why not go casual with blue jeans? Needless to say, I had a lot of fun with this. Oh yeah, and I couldn't resist once I had the image of the invisible horse in my head. Thanks to everyone over at PR!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Theme number 95.

So I went away for Thanksgiving with my computer and everything, promising myself that I would do work...and I did not. It happens every time. I did, however, eat lots and lots of tasty foods. And, regarding this theme, I was witness to a few snow flakes (though not as many as pictured above).

Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's been a long week.

I haven't been posting like crazy; a bunch of stuff that happened this year finally caught up with me. Ick.

On a side note, I went to go see Paul Hornschemeier's band Arks play in Cambridge last week and I drew them (well, their instruments anyways):

Hopefully I'll be back into the swing of things soon.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Super Inappropriate.

I wanted to thank Indie Spinner Rack (which I actually had never heard of until very recently, but now I am really excited about) for mentioning two of the mini comics I had for sale at SPX ("Duddits" by me and Liz Prince, and "Talk Nerdy To Me" by me about Joe and me). Mr. Alec Longstreth was the guest host and was reporting back on all the goodies he got at SPX...I bought a lot of comics back then, but after following some of the artists that they linked, I definitely missed a few gems. To show my gratitude, and to offer poignant commentary on 25% erections and lightsabers, I (with the help of Photoshop-jedi Joe) have concocted a series of "thank-you" images for Mr. Longstreth. If I had known what Charlito and Mr. Phil looked like, I would have also provided them with little chode-y lightsabers. Alec...I hope you don't mind that I did this. I just couldn't get that image of a 1/4 of a lightsaber out of my head.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Theme number 94.

You have a lot of carbon scoring here, looks like you two have seen a lot of action.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Is it so wrong?

Why do I feel dirty for posting this in two places? I just cleaned everything! No more dirtiness! YAHHHHHRG! Anyhow. Laundry day was good. I was told by someone at the laundromat that I was eccentric. Hmmm...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Theme number 93.

The following theme is based on a true story.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Theme number 92.

I had to channel my high school self for this one. I was like, "I'll have it be all emo and stuff...". (That's astually how I was like.) I also used a micron pen (instead of my faithful brush pen); I'm not sure why (maybe because I used them all the time in high school). The cds on the floor are (left to right) goddamnit by Alkaline Trio, either/or by Elliott Smith, and Something to Write Home About by The Get Up for me to cry myself to sleep by!


I started a livejournal. Yup. I duddits. I was going to post doodles exclusively, but I couldn't even figure out how to upload a file on livejournal. SO...I'll be posting the doodle entries in both places. It's just going to be a doodle-a-day; nothing cleaned up or digitally colored (unless I make it that way). I'll still be doing everything else (the 100 Themes, and then something new to replace the themes once they're complete). Oh, and my hair is extra-fluffy today.

A page from the book.

I usually don't do this, but I thought I'd post a page from my sketchbook. Generally, I like to clean things up before I put them on the blog, but I was moved to do otherwise. It's basically a bunch of sketches for a short story (comic) I'm working on starring yours truly, and Death (in his most typical and cliché form). We'll see how that one turns out...

Sunday, November 4, 2007


So I drew this last week because I was sick. But now I'm better. I'm posting it anyways. Boogers and snot one of the great marvels of the human body. Growing up, my mom had a color-code of sorts to tell how sick you are:

Yellow = Kinda Sick
Green = You are sick, and there might be an infection.
Brown = Your mucous is drying up; drink some water. Oh, and we might take you to the doctor's.
Red = Stop blowing your nose so hard, and, by the way, you are going to the doctor's.
Clear = Recovering (this is the best one!)

One time I had "Orange", but that was because someone made me laugh while I was chewing a carrot. It was moderately painful to have small chunks of carrot come out of my nose.

Theme number 91.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Theme number 90.

Oh, Christopher Walken.

Oh yeah.

Happy [belated] Halloween!

I was Link (not Zelda). I might try and post a better photo of this later (to further demonstrate the fruits of my labor).

I tried, and I failed.

I just can't seem to make a rollover of these two images:

I just thought it would be real cute as little faux-animation. If anyone knows how to write a rollover for blogger, holler.