Sunday, November 4, 2007


So I drew this last week because I was sick. But now I'm better. I'm posting it anyways. Boogers and snot one of the great marvels of the human body. Growing up, my mom had a color-code of sorts to tell how sick you are:

Yellow = Kinda Sick
Green = You are sick, and there might be an infection.
Brown = Your mucous is drying up; drink some water. Oh, and we might take you to the doctor's.
Red = Stop blowing your nose so hard, and, by the way, you are going to the doctor's.
Clear = Recovering (this is the best one!)

One time I had "Orange", but that was because someone made me laugh while I was chewing a carrot. It was moderately painful to have small chunks of carrot come out of my nose.

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