Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Theme number 92.

I had to channel my high school self for this one. I was like, "I'll have it be all emo and stuff...". (That's astually how I was like.) I also used a micron pen (instead of my faithful brush pen); I'm not sure why (maybe because I used them all the time in high school). The cds on the floor are (left to right) goddamnit by Alkaline Trio, either/or by Elliott Smith, and Something to Write Home About by The Get Up Kids...music for me to cry myself to sleep by!

1 comment:

Billy Fore said...

I LOVE something to write home about! Ho-boy. Maybe I am emo!
I think I am too fat to be emo.
I really like this cartoon and am happy you could make 100.
Are these in a book? I should probably search your site more.