Thursday, April 24, 2008


There has been much to do in Marisville as of late. Here a peep at my daily schedule:

1. Wake up
2. Eat
3. Become clothed
4. Think about work
5. Ride some form of public transportation
6. Work
7. Think about other work I have to do while working
8. Eat (sometimes)
9. Work some more
10. Make a bad pun
11. Handle some invertebrates (still considered work, but lots of fun)
12. Work
13. Eat
14. For desert: more work!
15. Maybe sleep

Ok, it's not really that crazy, but I've been busy with life. Ah, life. So in about 5 hours, I'm heading to Portland Oregon to sell my wares at this year's Stumptown Comics Fest. I've got a new mini-comic coming out called "Coping With Death"; more about that (and perhaps some preview pages) later. I've also rounded up a band of mischievous superheroes:

Yes, I will be selling them, which makes me some kind of superhero trafficker, but that's ok because I made them. If you're in the Portland area, stop by and say "hi". Oh, and tell me of wonderful places to eat, because I know there are oh so many. WEST COAST HERE I COME!! WAHHAHAHA!!


*note about photo* I had only 2.5 hours of sleep before this was taken...Go me!