Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Beets, bad memory and cutlery.

OK get ready for it: big honkin' post. First up, I've rekindled an old flame: BEETS. Joe won't eat them because he thinks they taste like "curdled blood", but I (a long with Liz) think that they are divine! Here's the meal they co-starred in last week:
After the beets had cooked, I pressed them into my sketchbook before I peeled them. This is what happened:
Then, for the next three days:

So when I made made my epic SPX post, I neglected to mention that I WON A NERDLINGER!!!!
Specifically, it is the Nerdlinger for "Most Random Informative Facts About Invertebrates & Best All-Around Drawing Session Chatter". I drank it, and it was awesome. Thank you Nerdlinger Committee!
Oh, yeah. This also happened: MK - Joe apologizes through his KICKED IN FACE. heh heh

Now about that cutlery (featuring Lucy, Nelly, Joe and me):
Let me backtrack and mention that last weekend, Joe and I went to upstate New York to do many things:

-visit his family
-peep some foliage
-go to book event/presentation about French Milk by Lucy Knisley
-rock out in carbie (hmmm...mystery songs...)

We accomplished all these things and more (the fork! the fork!). Joe and I took a new way to get to his folks house and we passed that fork. It immediately reminded me of that part in the Muppet Movie...The fork is actually 100 times bigger than a for-reals fork (or, at least that's what it said on the plaque).

Lucy's book event was awesome; I bought French Milk, as well as The War of the Worlds (with illustrations by Edward Gorey). French Milk made me yearn for some travel...Joe and I had planned to go to Europe after school, but it's five years later and it's still on the back burner. Well, better on the back burner than behind the stove I guess.

On Sunday, we got hang out with Lucy and meet her friend Nelly, and pillage the Rhinebeck farmer's market of all it's tasties (apple, tamalés and pumpkins, oh my), and drink coffee, and eat amazing chocolates (um, dark chocolate lavender sea salt carmels anyone? OMG PLZ YES!!!!), and maybe draw a little jam comic, hmmm:
Good times. I had only met Lucy twice (at the past two MoCCAs); it was great to hang with her and Nelly (who is now officially part of the "Maris and Joe Carpool Hall of Fame"!!). Joe and I like making new friends! (OK, I sound like I'm FOUR).

I think that's it...sorry about another LONG post.



laura.g said...

maris. beets. liz.:
world summit of awesome.

Silence Dogood said...

holy guacamole!
I went to school near that fork! (Is that near Bard College??) If memory serves, just down the street, there is a giant multi-colored menorah that stays up year round!

maris wicks said...

laura -
liz and I should take pictures like this with everything I cook! I'm glad you like it...

maris wicks said...


yes, that fork is in Rhinebeck, NY (Bard is near there, right?). I somehow managed to miss the menorah (and I heard there are dreidels too!) I'll keep a lookout for them next time (Joe's family lives in Hyde Park, right down Route 9). Glad I could represent!

Dustin Harbin said...

Holy cow that jam comic is HILARIOUS! Not to mention the one of you and Joe squalling--your Joe is primo. I have to say that suddenly these little strips are totally BADASS-er than normal, although I guess I'm comparing them to ones drawn on the train. But seriously: impressive.

maris wicks said...

Thanks Dustin!

I'm glad that no one has minded that I've totally abandoned the sketchy, loose subway comics for tighter and more crosshatch-y ones...I do enjoy drawing them! It'd be nice to start coloring them, but that opens a whole nother can of worms...

Dustin Harbin said...


Billy Fore said...

worms on the carpet is one pain in the ass, I must say.
Congrats on your Nerdlinger and the purple poo.
I just got my copy of four squares in the mail, and I am very, very, very happy. :)
Oh, and thank you for posting the Lucy Knisley link. I have more comics to keep me from homework now! :D

Mike Laughead said...

You just blew my mind with the Of Montreal lyrics. I thought the lyric actually was Antarctica. Great comics by the way.

maris wicks said...

Thanks Mike!

Isn't it so sad about the Of Montreal lyrics? I refuse to sing it the right way...

Silence Dogood said...

maris - yes, exactly! Bard is in just the next town over (Annandale) I'm headed back that way next week on a little holiday.

oh yes, the giant dreidels. they're pretty awesome too. So... Judaic!

Got Four Squares a few weeks ago and loooooooooved it. Thanks!

Sunnye said...

magenta poop. Isn't life beautiful?

Emily said...

An autocar?????? Whaaaat? I've been singing Antarctica for yeaarrrsss.