Monday, October 20, 2008

Comics from...

...the summer?

Ok, there's still a major back log of comics from the past few months. These ones were focused around my trips to Maine. I miss living there terribly, and I take any chance I get to visit. Luckily my folks moved up there about a year ago; now I can get my fix and visit the family. I managed to go up for both work and play a few times:

This was right before I left on the Maine Coastal Route bus (thank you, Concord Trailways) for a sea kayak trip (which deserves a comic unto itself...more about that later):

True story, Liz was my witness...

With great frogs comes great mosquito-bility:

And this is what Joe had to put up with every time I returned to Boston:

::sigh:: I love pine trees...


James said...

The worst part about this time of year is definately the mosquitos. D: If I get any more bites, my forearm will start to resemble a cobble stone road.

Billy Fore said...

I concur on the pine trees. During the summer I have to shear them, but the plus side is that I get to smell like an air-freshener all day! :D
This is a round-about compliment, but I really like the last comic you drew where you are sitting. In most comics where the eyes are simply dots, people don't handle the "looking over your shoulder" look very well. You do. It makes me happy. Anyway, just a small thing. Well... um... have a nice day.

maris wicks said...

True, true. I can't help but itch hurts so good!

thanks! I promised myself I would focus more on expression in my characters (even if it means making silly faces in the mirror), but still keeping it simple. I'm glad I'm doing it all right!