Thursday, July 17, 2008

When the computer's away...

...the watercolors come out to play! I went to Maine last weekend for some lo-fi tree-time (and to visit my family). Right before I left, I looked in the magical drawer of mystery art supplies and though "ooo, watercolors!". This is the only thing I managed to crank out, and I obviously wasn't up for the challenge of painting my surroundings (sorry, pine trees). I've been drawing comics everyday, even when there are no seats on the subway! But I'm still trying to catch up with the scanning and the posting (I'm not doing too great a job, but whatever IT"S HOT OUTSIDE!). Here's a few about bugs, cats (specifically Professor Rufus Devious), and the wonders of the morning:

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Billy Fore said...

Everyone should have a magical mystery drawer of art supplies. I used to have one... now it is more of a caboodle that I pretend is a toolbox with a vanity mirror.
I am almost positive I took a seminar with Prof. Devious... like, feral economics or something.
I very much liked your cat comic and your ghastly morning breath comic.
Great work.