Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lightning, pizza, dinosaurs and donuts.

Due to the hotness and humidness (note: "humidness" = not a word) of the weather, we've had some pretty rockin' thunderstorms. This one was witnessed on my ride home from work; it's a view from one of the bridges that connect Boston to Cambridge (the one the red line goes over). Subway patrons remarked that the coulds were "apocalyptic" in nature.

Ah, Pinnochio's pizza. One of my favorite places to get pizza in MA. Boston's pizza selection is tricky for a pizza-snob like myself...after living in Providence, RI for years, you get pretty picky about your pizza (Providence pizza = delicious).

They gave me a free slice seeing as how every guy who works there saw it happen (I'm sure the look on my face was of sheer terror post-pizza plunge).

Let's hope these are somewhat recognizable..Any guesses as to which movies they are from? The last one might be a bit tricky.

I worked a Saturday a few weeks back. There's nothing quite like donut holes and coffee on a Saturday morning, even if it only happens once a year!


Diana said...

ooo ooo ooo. Jurassic Park, Raiders o' the Lost Ark, and... I have no idea. I hope not that Britney Spears movie. I'm going to randomly stab at Bring It On?

maris wicks said...

you are...CORRECT!

Way to randomly stab!

spectacular said...

My mom only accepts sicilian pizza from pizzeria's in New York City. She's rather elitist about it.


maris wicks said...

there's nothing wrong with being picky about pizza, plus NYC is home to some very tasty pizza!!

but generally, any type of fresh, hot pizza falling to the ground is enough to bring one to tears (especially if it falls on your foot!)

Lauren Rae Holtermann said...

I do not know you; I found your blog through Shane's. However, I'm quite certain the third panel is from Bring It On. It's the scene where Kirsten Dunst's character is listening to the tape with the song that Jesse Bradford's character wrote for her on her bed in her underpants and gets, like, SO into the song that she leaps up and grabs her pom-poms from a nearby shelf and flails around.

There. I've officially embarrassed myself for the day. How's that for a first (web) impression?

maris wicks said...

Lauren, you are absolutely correct!!!

And that is a grand first web-impression! I heart this movie, and I'm not afraid to tell the world (ok, more like a few people). Let us have no shame for liking "Bring It On"!

Jammer said...

Wow. Kirsten Dunst dancing in her underwear? I really need to see "Bring it on."

Anyway -- I looked at Pinnochio's site. Do they deliver near Union Square? Their site says their Sicilian pizza is thick crusted. I usually don't like thick-crust pizza, but do sometimes.

Damn. I'm at work and craving pizza.

Anonymous said...

Kirsten Dunst also dances in her underwear on a bed in Sunshine of the spotless mind in one of my own favorite movie scene.

I adore your pizza angst scene.