Sunday, August 3, 2008

A bunch of comics... no particular order:

A big thanks to Tim Finn (and his raucous birthday party) for making this next comic possible...

Though not drawn within the panels, this act was committed in front of more than three people...

The past few weeks have seen me grumpy (codename = gunther) on several occasions (which is mostly a problem for Joe - sorry Joe!)..

A couple of weeks ago, when it was really hot, I came home from work and rocked out to David Bowie in my underwear. Sometimes that's all you can do when it's 95 degrees outside:

And last, but not least...this drawing was inspired by one of those "Jesus Saves" road signs that caught my eye on the bus ride down to NYC a while ago. Only I mistook the sign to read as:

There will be more soon, and possibly some color to spruce up this drab bolg. I promise.


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Emily Bennett said...

You probably know this, but David Sedaris has a story called "Jesus Shaves". It's really hilarious and you should probably go check it out if you haven't read/heard it. I just listened to it last night and felt the need to make sure you knew this :P

Sorry for making a comment on an old blog post! I love your comics!