Friday, April 6, 2007

Theme number 59.


Roni said...

listen, i've become really addicted to your version of '100 themes'. i watch worriedly as you are easily crossing mid way and perhaps will finish soon. those two creatures (do they have names?) are so amiable, and portray the themes so creatively (or dumbly, but in a funny good way).
ahm. well, that's what i wanted to say mostly. consider keeping them alive, ok?

maris wicks said...

hiya roni,
Rest assured, these two characters will continue to have adventures. After the themes are done, I'm thinking of doing a comic a day (with these two), or attempting to illustrate every song title on my computer playlist (which, if done a day at a time, would take about 9 years...). I'm really glad you enjoy their shenanigans; if you want to see them on paper, they're in the following comics anthologies:

SPX Anthology 2005
Project:Romantic (from Adhouse Books; the link's on the side of the page)

Someday, they might have their very own comic book to call their own, but until then, they will dominate the blog!


Roni said...

song titles sounds challenging. i'd like to see that.