Monday, May 21, 2012

Process: Sketchbooks

I've been keeping a sketchbook since senior year of high school, when my AP Portfolio teacher had us make our own (before that, I just drew all over EVERYTHING). Since then, I've kept a devoted sketchbook...with the exception of the year after I graduated college; I needed a break from drawing after 4 solid years of art school.

During college, I went a little nuts, filling sketchbooks (like the one in the top right corner) every 3 months or so. I know there's a huge jump in sketchbooks between '02 and '10; I filled 13 more little guys before I switched to those larger, floppy Moleskins. I figured you might start to worry about my sanity if I posted 13 more pictures of me holding tiny sketchbooks...

The bigger Moleskins were originally meant for work-related drawing (as opposed to recreational drawing), I loved the paper and size, so they became the standard. That is, until now. I'm going back to the smaller, thicker-paged Moleskin. It holds ink a lot better (nib inking on the bigger ones bleeds like crazy), and it's a bit easier for traveling. Here's the first page of the new dude:

Most journal comics, fan art and doodles will be coming from this sketchbook, done with the following materials:

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Anonymous said...

You ever tried sketching with just ball-point pens? I've been using the Pilot Precise V5 RT. Fine enought point, but the ink flows well.
I've never tried Moleskins, but I'm going to pick one up soon if I can. I tend to wander a bit with my sketchbooks and have a few I bounce around between. I'd prefer I didn't do that. Pentalic makes an okay Moleskin style book, but the paper is too thin.