Friday, May 11, 2012

Fan Art Fridays No. 10: Skyrim!

Yup. I totally heart Skyrim. Here's my character; I pretty much tried to make my cat Biggs...:
I should start by saying that I am pretty terrible at this game; I love to just run around and pick flowers and eat stuff. And sometimes kill bandits. I had never played any video games like this before (the closest I'd come is probably the Zelda games...but those are still pretty different), but I got really psyched when I saw the trailer for Skyrim. Also, I was lured by Marian Churcland's drawings. I love it; her art makes me want to eat food in the woods!


MK Reed said...

No, picking flowers is totally the point of that game! Pete gave me crap about going on this mission that is like, "Pick these two types of flowers" and I was like, "Why would I want to skip my FAVORITE PART OF THE GAME???"

(PS, his cat man was named Ham. The cat men are awesome.)

maris wicks said...

Woot! Glad I'm not the only one.

maris wicks said...