Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hammer Time!

Break it down:

Let me first start by saying that our trip to the Pacific Northwest was AWESOME. SO AWESOME.

Emerald City Comic Con = super rad. Got to meet Mr. Chris Samnee, who is the man responsible for one of my FAVORITE superhero comic stories, Thor: The Mighty Avenger (written by Roger Langridge to boot!). I had never read a Thor story before. I totally love Thor now, because of this comic (see above drawing). Thank you, gentlemen!

Joe and I got to hang with Mr. Greg from Tugboat Press (the man responsible for making Yes, Let's happen), see Mr. Chris Haley and his posse, get some bro-time with Mr. Scott Campbell and meet countless other comics folk (sorry if I left you out; you can heckle me in the comments).

BOWIE!! (for Mr. Haley)

Aside from the con, Joe and I had a blast during our short time in Seattle. We visited the Seattle Aquarium (gee, I wonder who wanted to do THAT), marveled at the wonders of Pike Place Market and ate copious amounts of delicious food. Short and sweet, and then we where on the road to Portland (and beyond).

Once in Oregon, we checked in to Chateau D' Ann (Ann and I were roomies back in college!). From there, Joe and I rented a car for our journey south to visit...the Allreds! Mike and Laura are SUPER DUPER!!! We had a blast doing everything from karaoke to dune-exploring to movie-watching, out in the middle of the beautiful Oregon woods. It was amazing to hang with such amazing artists; we can't thank them enough for their incredible hospitality!

Joe, Maris and Mike somewhere in the Shire.

THEN, back to Portland for some hang-time with Ann, some doughnut-eating, and more karaoke (with the Allreds again, but this time at Floating World...crazy!).

Now I'm back in Somerville, drawin' and computerin' and workin' at that place filled with fish and turtles and penguins...

I'll have a post about the cons I'll be at this year...just a few (I'm trying to be good). Oh, and I apologize for my silence in the comments; I've just been super-busy. I suck at staying on top of stuff like that!!

byebye for now!


Red Herring Jeff said...

Totally boss picture of the Thor, Maris! Just ordered a copy of Yes, Let's! on Friday, and am looking forward to getting it, it looks super cool.

maris wicks said...

Thanks, Jeff! I hope that you (and your family) enjoy Yes, Let's!!

Christina Rodriguez said...

Cute rain boots, Maris!