Friday, May 21, 2010


Get ready to be MECAFfeinated!!! Liz and I (and Duddits) will be at MECAF in Portland Maine this Sunday, May 23rd hawking our comic-y wares. Mr. Joe Quinones will be unable to join us do to his being chained to the drawing table...but I'll have stuff of his for sale. Portland, ME is a GREAT town; lots of good food and good peeps. If you're in the Boston area, it's just a hop, skip and a jump up the coast (2 hours). Joe and I did this con last year, and we had blast! So come say "hi".


Antoine Malaab said...

Hi, Maris! I was literally just at MECAF and picked up "Coping With Death" and a T-shirt. It was nice to talk briefly and hopefully you can come up and check out the store soon!
Also, Coping With Death made me laugh, and then cry a bit.

(from coast city comics and funbox monster emporium)

Mary Galou said...


I just happened to find your blog, and I loved it! I love the way you draw.

Will be coming back every now and then :)

I V Y said...

ahah love it

Andy said...

well hello. i'm sure you'll find this random as all hell and quite a bit odd, but i thought i just say hi... you see i haven't seen you since the days of the goonies when i would come and watch you masterfully play the trombone. :)

martín said...

greetings from patagonia argentina!

maris wicks said...

Hey everyone,

I suck at responding to comments!! I'm sorry!!

Thanks for the purchases Antoine; it was nice to meet too! I might be in Maine next weekend, so maybe I'll swing by.

I can't believe that there's TWO people in the comments section who know of my trombone-y past (hi Andy).

And thanks for all the kind words!


Emily said...

Hey Maris,
I stumbled upon your blog about a year and a half ago, and ever since have been in love with your stuff (especially your science related stuff) which is why i was SO excited to see your entry *may 23, 2009, about you making a book based on some of the great animal behavioralists. Are you still working on that project? Any chance you know when that amazing piece of work will be done?
I'm a huge science nerd (currently going to school for marine biology) and I will want that soo badly when it comes out!

Andy said...

hi! haha yeah... i advised you it was going to be random. i had a ska-crazed past and also played trombone for a time. i remember you from the amazing early days of the goonies and your writings in the booklet that was released with their cd after you went on to risd... which i have since lost.