Saturday, May 8, 2010


Two weekends ago, Joe, Liz and myself spent the weekend hawking our wares at the Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, OR. I absolutely LOVE this convention, plus it's a great way to hang out with comics friends that we see just a few times a year. Here are some tidbits from our trip:

O.K. so not particularly pertaining to Portland...but as soon as we flew in, I started to experience some serious gastro-intestinal trouble. Our first full day in Portland had me searching high and low for public restrooms as we walked around downtown (you didn't expect me to stay in my hotel room and poop all day, did you?).

from top left: our table at Stumptown (courtesy of Joshin Yamada ); Star Trek pinball at the Hawthorne theater (Max is watching the trainwreck that is my pinball skills); Liz, Joe and me photobombing...ourselves?; t-rex on the floor at Denver airport

When we weren't in comics-mode, we pretty much spent our time walking around, eating (mostly donuts), and playing pinball/arcade games with awesome comics people (Alec, Claire, Greg, Max, Lucy, John, Jon Chad, Colleen...thanks! I probably forgot some people too...sorry)

Liz and I did a bunch of convention sketches; here are a few of mine:

One last doodle: the plane ride home:

I inked this with a nib and ink (supplies I haven't touched since college, luckily Joe has a fancy nib that he uses for detail work that I could borrow); I was totally inspired by Max's comics. Plus my shaky inking skills perfectly matched the turbulence of the plane ride (note: I did NOT ink on the plane).

We're home now for a while. Our last comics engagement of the spring season will be at MECAF. Yay Maine! (I'll post more about that when it's sooner.)


p.s. Oh yeah, and the Superpooperman drawing can be blamed on the request of this man (look for pooping Supergirl and Spiderwoman!). heh heh. poop


Liz Prince said...

heh, you hyperlinked my name to your own website. I know we're, like, the same person, but we're not that much the goddamn same.

maris wicks said...

I must have gone hyperlink-crazy. Problem: fixed.

Are you sure we're not the same person?

samineru said...

The marshmallow fluff and banana slug split pictures went perfectly with this song:
It really made my day :)

Sylvia said...

So, not being a drawing-type artist, when I hear the word ink as a verb, I think squids. Just sayin'. Glad you didn't ink on the plane.

Evan T said...

Poor Superman, I guess his bowels aren't as super as we thought. At any rate, that's the last poop that toilet will ever see!

maris wicks said...

Haha! Me too. There are actually a bunch of silly drawings in my sketchbook of me and Joe as squids...inking (the way a squid does). Ah, squids.

maris wicks said...

Evan - the Superman was for this guy who collects convention sketches of superheroes pooping (he got a pooping Batman from me last year). I should've do an "after" piece where the toilet is all blown to pieces...heh heh.

Anonymous said...

hey maris,

great blog, awesome paintings!


Christina Rodriguez said...

Superheroes on the toilet... now I've seen everything!

maris wicks said...


I'm sure I could think of weirder things to draw on toilets...maybe.

Liam the Automated Animator said...

I was on the phone with Christina today and we were talking about how awesome your art is...thought you should know that Christina and I talk about you behind your back. ROCK!

Next time you guys are in Portland, come up to Seattle and say hello to Misha and I and our son. Drinks are on me! Keep up the great work!

Paul Salvi said...

Your poopers are hilarious.

Did you pull those toilets right out of your head or does the guy give you toilet ref? I think a toilet is one of those things that would end up being deceptively hard to draw, despite never having drawn one.

Billy Fore said...

Good God, this is adorable!

Tze said...

Love the fluff. <3 Never tried it, but I want it now.