Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's a glorious 1:05 AM and Joe and I are leaving for Portland, OR in...OMG LIKE 3 HOURS!!!! That's right; we're hopping a 6:05 AM flight out of Boston. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty exited about a 4 AM cab ride. Woopee. Sorry about the lack of posts and comment responses; I'm hoping to get back on that wagon once we return to the East Coast next Tuesday. Joe, Liz and I will be sharing a table at Stumptown Comics Fest this Saturday and Sunday, so if you're in the Portland area, stop by and say hi! Here's a glimpse of all my wares:

Ah, Portland. I can hardly wait to eat a donut covered in bacon. And wear shorts!!! AHHHG SHORTS I LOVE YOU SO! GET READY TO BE BLINDED BY THE SUPREME WHITENESS OF MY WINTER LEGS (my legs have not seen the light of day in 7 MONTHS people!).

OK. Time for me to stay up and wait for the cab.

p.s. I might actually try and blog from Portland...we're toting the computer this time around!


Jim said...

Is it possible to purchase any of those maris wares over these fancy energy boxes?

Dan said...

OMG you're going to Stumptown too??!!!!

ARGH I only had enough money for one con this year and me & my friends picked Emerald City!
Argh my face is getting skrunched up with anger >:(

It would have been a blast to run into you by surprise (because if I WAS going I wouldn't have read this post)

Best of luck there, maybe next year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Maris! I don't know if you remember me, but this is Ben Zwalsky from way way back at CRACP. (early 2000's) I still wear the squirrel shirt you made for Parade to this day. In fact! I was wearing it the other day (I can't believe it still fits) and I thought: "Hey this squirrel cartoon Maris drew is wicked sweet! I remember her cartoons being wicked sweet! I wanna see what her stuff is like NOW!" Aaron Dana forwarded me to your blog,(good lord his artwork is insane) and uh, here I am? Your artwork/comics/doodles are still really adorable and charming as ever. I'm actually at MassArt right now aspiring to go into the illustration/animation field. Hope all's well!

maris wicks said...

jim - I haven't put any comics up for sale yet, but I'm planning on updating my Etsy site (which already has the t-shirts and stuffed superheroes). I'll post about it soon.

Dan - definitely hit up Stumptown sometime in the future; it's a great con!

ben - Hi! I do remember you from camp; sorry it took so long for me to reply. That's awesome you're at MassArt! Yay illustration/animation!