Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Class: Cephalopod

OK, so that's an octopus up there.

I've spent the past two days dissecting squids with kids (well, junior high and high schoolers). Stinky, but AWESOME:
You should be thankful you don't ride the subway with me.

And, yes, this actually happened:

Time to shower...whewwwEEE!!!


James said...

Awesome. This is by far the best entry on a journal on the internet EVER. I have a love for Squid and Octopi that is totally unexplainable. I have a tendency to draw them on official work documentation and stuff, which usually is proceeded by the yelling of a manager. Haha.

..and I kind of like squid smell.

Billy Fore said...

Beats dead cats, right?

Anonymous said...

Yes! I bet you loved the squid ink all over you. haha
Last year in my A&P class my partner and I were dissecting cow eyes. When she made the incision the eye juice squirt right on her face. hehe

John said...

One of my fondest school memories was dissecting a squid, using its ink and some hard part from its body as a quill to write my name, and then eating the fillets, which my teacher grilled in the classroom.

maris wicks said...

Hey everyone!

I'm glad everyone had pretty fond memories of dissecting ..I always prefer invertebrates for dissection (they are by far less smelly), though I've done sheeps' eyes and spiny dogfish; those are fun too.

I didn't dissect squids until my current job; I wish I had in high school. I also wish I had taken AP Bio. I also wish I could've eaten the squids afterward (John - you lucky thing, you). Even though I work with creatures of the sea, I still find myself wanting to eat them (I was totally eyeing the oysters the other day.."no, no...these are for EDUCATION" I keep telling myself).