Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Billy Fore said...

I feeeeeeeeeeeeeel like that right now! :p
2 in the morning and I have yet to write my paper.
Oh. And I definitely am doing the "100 themes" thing now because yours was so awesome. I have four done on my blog if you want to look.

maris wicks said...

Hi Billy,

I saw the first two themes on your blog when you posted the other day! I'm glad you've joined the ranks of peeps who're doing the 100 themes; good luck, and I look forward to seeing yours!


laura.g said...

word up.
miss yr face.


maris wicks said...


I, too, miss your face! We are not crossing paths as much as we used too (sigh), thus being reduced to following each other's lives through the blogs. oh, the blog-manity!

well, I hope I see you soon; I'll have my "laura g radar" up whenever I'm in davis!