Saturday, September 27, 2008

Who is awful at keeping a blog?

I AM!!!

First things first:
I entered my drawing into the "Vampirella Revamp" Contest over at Project: Rooftop. Runner-up, baby!!! I am sooo innocent!! No cleavage here:

After reading the judges' comments, I decided to play around and go back to the original Vampirella color scheme (black hair, red outfit):

A big congrats to everyone! I hearted some of the more non-traditional entries, and I totally heart the Grand Prize entry; I would so read that comic in a heart beat (both the bat-one and the "speed racer" one)! And thanks to Project: Rooftop for giving me reasons to procrastinate!! I do have to give a shout-out to Liz's entry, only because I would most definitely consume "Vampirella-O's" if they were a breakfast option.

Second things second: Comics. I've been keeping up with the teeny comics, drawing them whenever I get a chance. Here are a few ones from July/August (ugh, I'm such a poopy-head!):
I"m such a jerk...

Yes, I still have a hard time living in the city.

And yes, that is really what my ovaries and uterus look like; grumpy face and all.

I apologize for the potty-mouth ahead of time, but I swear this is what my pinky finger said:


Thirdly, I would like to point out that winter is coming:
(from left to right: me, my sis, and my cousin Nick - taken in New Hartford, NY winter 2005 or 2006?)

I am a staunch supporter of the summer and all of its hotness, so the tone of my postings may take a turn for the grumpy once the temperature dips below 30 degrees. But let's not be hasty! Fall is upon us, and there will be much eating of the apples and drinking of the cider!!

Almost done...I, along with some New England cronies, will be attending the Small Press Expo next weekend in good ol' Bethesda, MD. I will have the usual: mini-comics, stuffed super heroes and my game face (watch out - I bare teeth!). If you're in the neighborhood, stop by and say howdy. I'll be with Mr. Joe, as well as Mr. Tim and Ms. Prince. I will attempt to post some previews of what I'll have this year during this coming week.

Ok. That's it for now.



Andreas Schuster said...


(also: nice comics!
the blankets joke made me smile, double win!)

maris wicks said...

thanks, andreas!

I was wearing this AMAZING snowsuit thingy that I found in my grandparents' garage...

And definitely lookout for a follow up to the "blankets" comic over at liz's livejournal.


Billy Fore said...

I have a "you-suck-at-everything-you-do" song, but it is sung by an imaginary madrigal choir that follows me around...
Your comics are a lovely distraction. Thank you very much.

maris wicks said...

Thanks Billy!

and remember: never hesitate to punch a member of the choir in the face.


Anonymous said...

I totally love the black costume with red hair (waa!!) It reminds my of Perpermint Patty from CS's Peanuts (except for the bat, which I guess could be a deranged / awesome woodstock update)

cool stuff Maris :)

Anonymous said...

dear maris,

that is not my butt in the snow. it is nick and sam next to you. thanks for mixing me up with a teenage boy.

love your sister,
the one who took the picture!

James said...

Your entry was definitely one of my most favorites. You have the knack for making people love your art with it's unconventional-ness. If that can be construed as a word. :P Also, the comics are lovely. :)

maris wicks said...

Thanks every body!

I wish I could just draw super hero costume/character redesigns all day. Vampirella was a ton of fun!