Friday, March 7, 2008

More penguins.


spectacular said...

I haven't looked at this in a while, and it was excellent to see so many new posts! I love the aquarium critters (you know, my brother's favorite animals are penguins). Next time I come up I need to go there.

I also need to call you, so expect a call from me! =]

Anonymous said...

Maris I love your site...i was up way too late the other night going through all your posts.

Thank you again for having me over last week. It was so great to meet you.


Rob Turner said...


maris wicks said...

shanks everyone!

miss spectacular - you should definitely come up and see my workplace...tell your brother that I am "one with the penguins". heh heh

courtney - thanks for coming over! I'm glad you enjoy my faux-livelihood!

miowbuzzsmugg - nice pun!