Monday, October 22, 2007

Theme number 86.

I was wondering...Does this work? I didn't have a pair of 3-D glasses lying around, but I thought it would look nifty if I tried this out. If it doesn't, I'm sorry.


Jim said...

It works at giving me a headache, I can tell you that. In other words, "Ow!"

Alec Longstreth said...

I tried it (using my 3D specs from that Nickelodeon Magazine that was all 3D!) but it didn't work... :(

chrishaley said...

It works if you believe hard enough.

Jim said...

It must be 3D; because it touched my heart.

spectacular said...

I don't have any 3-d glasses, but it looks pretty nifty by itself.

maris wicks said...

hey everybody!
sorry the 3-D doesn't work (thanks for checking, Alec!)...I'll try and figure it out later because I actually want to collect the themes in a book (maybe) once I'm finished.

Turkeys are done, people are finished.

Remember that. Always.

Speaking about 3-D, I recently discovered a guy who made a 3-D camcorder
(It's towards the end of the video.)


spectacular said...