Friday, October 26, 2007


That's where I am. And without the equipment to upload things so...NO THEMES! (for a day or two). Recently, an evil on-line drug robot has started to leave inane comments on posts, which I find annoying and offensive. I would actually bash that robots' brains in if it were in my power. I also have been getting an insane amount of junkmail, and I think it's becuase I had posted my e-mail in my profile (which is now gone - sorry). Any suggestions for righting this wrong? Quickly, before more robots die (I just threw my toast robot (a.k.a. a "toaster" out the window).


spectacular said...

1) That really stinks. 2) I wish I could help about the junkmail, but yahoo filters everything pretty much.


p.s. your poor toaster probably didn't deserve such treatment.

Nate Frederick said...

hey Maris. It's Nate Frederick. Looong time, no see. I've got a cool job for you - if you're interested. It's making some drawings for The Mountain Goat in Northampton, Ma.
Email me:
I showed this guy I work - his name is Ed Hogan, - your work, and he likes it. He wants to hire you. Get back to me.

Hope you're doing well!,

Anonymous said... might have a spamblocker you can install that would filter out most of the junkmail and control incoming e-mails :-)) [yes, talk nerdy to me!!!]

i also e-mailed you about duddits <3