Monday, October 15, 2007


Greetings. I have returned from SPX. My eyes actually did fall out of my head...

but only after I had successfully eaten a pudding cup.

Okay seriously. I had a wonderful time at SPX. I bought lots and lots of comics, I sold stuff, traded stuff, sang karaoke, and so on. Every year I ask myself: Is it worth the drive? and every year the answer is: yes. I had so much fun, in fact, that I vomitted a rainbow:

And Liz was nice enough to help me clean it up!

I know I normally don't post pictures (except when I'm making up for lack of "art"), but here's some shots from the trip (in no particular order).


Adam Sacks said...


Do you have any of your comics left? If so, I will trade you special green government paper for them..

Nobody said...

i would also like comics
and that tshirt probably

Wook Jin Clark said...

it was cool meeting you, joe, and liz. sittin next to y'all was fun, and thanks for trading!

maris wicks said...

To Adam and Maré,
I have comics!:

Duddits (by me and Liz Prince)($5)
Talk Nerdy to Me (by me)($4)
I ran out of "Everybody Has One", which is about buttholes...

Dino Shirts are $20...
I've got American Apparel men's S,M,L; women's S,M,L; and kid's XS,S, and M.


Give me a holler via my e-mail and I'll get yer addresses!

To Hunter:
It was also nice being your neighbor; Joe and I thoroughly enjoyed your work and look forward to seeing more in the future. Nice website, too! (Yeh! Laser vision!)


spectacular said...

I hope the pudding was delicious. I am in love with the carpet in the last picture. hehe.

maris wicks said...

I want a room just covered with that carpet. Floor to wall to ceiling... oh yeah!