Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Speaking of peepers...

So that title doesn't have much to do with this comic, except that they are somewhat about frogs. For the those of you who have no idea what a "peeper" is, it's a little tiny frog that makes a very loud "PEEP" over and over again (or you can Wiki-it-up; scroll down and you can even play an audio file for FULL-PEEPING-EFFECT!). Peepers sing their mighty chorus around dusk and often into the night. As far as I know, they are a New England occurance; I grew up with them in my backyard in Massachusetts, and now they're out in full effect up here in Maine.
The following comics have appeared (in full form) in a publication called Backward City Review (you can see the full comic here) . It's a collection of short stories, essays, comics, poems and art that comes out twice a year. Enjoy.


spectacular said...

peepers live in my backyard in the summer. they annoy my parents to death. =]

chrishaley said...

Hey, we were just speaking of peepers.
Do you have bullfrogs up there?

maris wicks said...


word to your peepers.


Yes, indeed we do, although I haven't heard them yet this year.

(Extra Informational Tidbit: I have actually tasted bullfrog...and I am ashamed.)

chrishaley said...

Like cooked?