Tuesday, May 15, 2007


This is what negatrons look like. Normally they're invisible to the naked eye, but I took the time to illustrate them for your viewing pleasure. Negratrons are all those nasty thoughts that get you down...I'm pretty sure other people have them as well (though they may look different from mine). I'm hoping this is the end of sporadic posts, and that I can get rid of all these negatrons, because they kind of smell like burning poop.

Let the daily posting begin (again)!



Lighthouse Pilot said...

I'm in the process of trying to trick my negatrons into climbing into a crate which I will then ship to the middle of nowhere. They're not going for it.

I took the liberty of finally adding a link to you on my blog.

Hope your move wasn't too stressful.

chrishaley said...

Are Negatrons in any way related to Megatron from Transformers or Nega-Duck from Darkwing Duck?

Lighthouse Pilot said...

two words, man. LOVE CHILD.

Pulpatooner said...


Are you saying that a duck and a planet did it?!


maris wicks said...

maris is regulating the nerd-talk:

I believe that Megatron is the robot that transforms into a hand-gun, while Omnicron was the robot-planet that ate other robot-planets, voiced by Orson Welles. (that statement defeats the chance of me ever getting laid again. ever.)

Therefore, negatrons are guns that shoot ducks. huh.

On a side note, the move wasn't too stressful, but it's not over yet...sigh.

maris wicks said...

I mean, shoot duck bullets. heh hehe.

Lighthouse Pilot said...

You're both really close, but not quite there yet. The polite chap in me wants to just let it go, but the nerd in me...the NERD in me is too powerful to resist. Megatron was a robot that transformed into a hand-gun. The correct name of the giant robot that transformed into a planet was UNICRON. I must admit, however, that Omnicron sounds cooler. 50 points for knowing he was voiced by Orson Welles. Now, quickly, without looking it up...who voiced Rodimus Prime? It's conceivable at this point (if you don't answer) that it will still be possible for you to get some action. I, on the other hand, am a lost cause.

I concur that Negatrons are guns that shoot ducks, but I kinda think Joel stumbled onto something with a duck and a planet doing it. That might not be a negatron, but it could very well be something altogether more dangerous.

maris wicks said...

I totally just got my nerd-ass handed to me. Thank you, Shane. I have to admit that I have no idea who voiced Rodimus Prime, but that is one dirty name for a Transformer. I think that both duck-bullet shooting guns and duck-planet spawn (or just some good ol' duck-robot-planet lovin') deserve to be illustrated, mostly for our enjoyment. I agree that Negratrons can (and are sometimes) far more dangerous, but this whole discussion is already starting to drive them away (apparently they are repelled by silliness).

Lighthouse Pilot said...

Rodimus Prime does sound pretty bad. At least his name wasn't Fabular and he transformed into a pink jetta or something. Anyway, ol' Roddy was voiced by none other than the Brat pack's very own Judd Nelson.

Pulpatooner said...

I am: A) very pleased with the completely wacked-out notion of a giant robot who transforms into a planet;
B) In a bit of nerd-tizzy about just how danged scietifically unsound that is; and
C) Sadly speculating on how much of Orson Welles' poor, abused soul was left to resent doing voice work for the Transformers at the end of tumultuous, tortured career.

Hey, want to hear what I, personally, think is the coolest bit of geek speculation ever? When Orson Welles was still a young man, and a legitimate director of great movies, he put together a treatment for a Batman movie. Some of his preliminary designs are floating around the internet, somewhere. Can you imagine how different geek culture would be today if the brain behind Citizen Kane had glorified superheroes on screen just a year or two after their birth?

Lighthouse Pilot said...

I love Orson Welles! I just read some interesting stuff about a book coming out which will have some of the concept art and a treatment for the early script! Makes me want to do a batman comic where the characters are drawn like the actors who were going to portray them. And this has gotten so far away from Negatrons that I feel really bad. Sorry, Maris.

Pulpatooner said...

Oh, I think Orson had his fair share of Negatrons. He was practically a farm for Negatrons, all growing in neat rows, fertilized with ego and irrigated with lousy wine. Every fall the forces of mediocrity and compromise would hop on their De-Tractors and harvest that year's crop, so that they could be cleaned, inspected, pressed into advertisements for diet plans and luxury goods, and delivered to you and me.

juanito said...

Nice illo Maris!

Not to change the subject just wanted to say I'm stoked I now have have a cute name for them and I can now picture Optimus Prime laying down the hammer!

Have you had your energon-cube today?

chrishaley said...

good lord, look at the talk i hath wrought.