Friday, May 4, 2007

Halp! Mah dog iz eatin mah brainz!

Can you tell I've been visiting I Can Has Cheezburger a little too much? Well, I have. Something to take the edge off...Another day of Maine-to-Massachusetts moving starts in approximately 8 hours, so I may not get around to posting for a day or two. I offer you this random photo as my pre-apology:


Icy said...

Wah! So cuuuute.

spectacular said...

aw, hannah! gotta love her. =]

maris wicks said...

I have to admit, sometimes it's hard to love Hannah (the pup in the pic), like after she's rolled in poop, or eaten poop, or, well, you get the picture...but she's a cutie. A poopie cutie. heh heh. And I still love her.