Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vacation = over (for now)

Hi internet,

I took a vacation from you (and from working), and now I'm BACK.


But seriously, I took a much-needed break towards the end of the summer.  And now it's full steam ahead!  I will start by saying that Joe and I are going to be at New York Comic Con.  AND...we will be selling a print that we did together:

First, we worked on a sketch together (which included brainstorming all the animals we wanted in the piece).  Then, Joe penciled Aquaman and I penciled the animals, and we took turns inking sections.  Lastly, we finished it up in Photoshop, taking turns as well.  We'll have this 11 x 17 print (along with an animal-identification guide) at NYCC.

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