Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy (belated) New Year, everyone!

Here's a commission that I did along with Joe Q and Liz P:

If you want the low-down on who-did-what, you can find that here.

I'll have a bigger update/post soon (almost done with the book I've been working on FOREVER!!)


Jim said...

That's awesome! Okay, I can figure out who did the big ones: Cap'n Merica - Liz. Thurr - You. Ironing Man - Joe. But Ant-man's a little harder ... is that you again?

And just to be a total nerd, could I ask who did what on the background?

And how's the ape book coming along?

And, hi!

maris wicks said...

Hi Jim,

I drew Ant-man and Liz inked him and (I think) Joe toned him. Also, I drew the background, and Joe toned it!

I've got 23 pages to go on the ape book...almost done!


Jim said...