Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hey everybody! It's the internet! But let's talk about REAL LIFE:

Joe and I will be at our local, down-the-street comics fest this coming SATURDAY!! If you live in the Boston-area, come out and say "hey" at M.I.C.E. (Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo). IT IS FREEEEE!!!! I will be drawing things and chatting and maybe if you want to hear about ocean animals I will totally TELL YOU ABOUT THEM. They even let me do one of the posters for the show (available as a limited edition print AT the show:

MICE, The Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo

September 24, 2011 10am - 6pm

1815 Mass Ave., Cambridge MA (Porter Square)
Illustration by Maris Wicks

That's me: always working intestines into an illustration. AND...I got to help draw the cover of this week's dig boston, along side the talented Ming Doyle and Patt Kelley:

The DIG is a free weekly local paper that you can get on many classy corners around the Boston-area! Pick it up!

Stay tuned for more comics-related news...

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Mal said...

Love it! I'll have to try and get to MICE this weekend.