Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Girly McGirly-pants!

Here's a little peek at a freelance piece I did a few weeks back for RISD (my alma mater):
It's a paper doll to go with their current exhibit Cocktail Culture, which highlights cocktail apparel, accessories, textiles and furniture from 1920 to 1980. I got to illustrate 5 dresses (and 4 pairs of shoes and some accessories) from the collection. It was AWESOME (and possibly the most girly project I've ever worked on). Thanks to Evan for sending that one my way!

If you'd like a Party Paper Doll of your own, you can order one here, or if you're in the Providence area, swing the RISD Museum (they're available in risdworks, located within the museum).

Oh, and Joe and I will be guests at MECAF this weekend (the show is Sunday only). I will have super-sports prints and comics!