Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ZOMG 2010...

...PLEASE GIVE ME A FEW MORE MONTHS, OK? I know it really shouldn't matter, but the New Year always puts me in a funk (kind of in the same way birthdays do...that uneasy half exciting/half nauseating feeling). Did I do enough this year? Could I have done more? Better? Ah, self doubt. Whatever. 2009 was what it was. I tend to only remember the good (I'm such a bloody optimist), so I actually feel like it was a pretty good year (please don't prove me wrong by pointing out my foibles in the comments). I'll end my "deep thoughts" session by wishing everyone a wonderful New Year (and a blue moon to boot)!


oh yeah, I drew a family portrait of the Joker for my local comic shop Batman Gallery show:

That's right, I actually used a non-digital medium to color it!! WATERCOLORS in da HOOOOOUSE!! (or to be more accurate, watercolors in the apartment)


damon said...

super cool love it

Paul Salvi said...

What's he up to back there?

Dan Oliver said...

dog's hitler and eva braun?