Wednesday, November 4, 2009

On the topic of farts...

This was an editorial piece I did a few months back for Discovery Girls magazine (it was in their "Embarassing Moments" section). I don't do editorial illustrations very often, so this was a fun job (plus I got to draw FARTING and use the "poot" sound effect).


Anonymous said...

Hilarious. You should do more editorials, Maris! You've got the perfect comedic streak.

I Heart Deutschland! said...

Maris you are too funny :P
and i know this is rather random
and pretty weird
but i had an epiohany a while back
for a funny comic i was wondering
if you could illustrate for me if you found any free time :D

essentialy, every time bear grylls (from man vs. wild) goes on his adventures, he always ends up peeing on something to "help" his situation, so i was wondering if you could make something along the lines of "are you sure thats safe?" "of couse it is, bear grylls peed on it!"
but if your too busy its no big shizz :P
hope everything is going good by you :D love the comics
your cuz, lucas :D

maris wicks said...

Hey Lucas!

Maybe I will draw this comic...I absolutely can not stand that show, but people peeing on things is a pretty funny concept.

Hope all is well...Are you still in Germany?


Paul Salvi said...

Brown steam! Well played.

Anonymous said...

haha, thanks :D
sorry it took so long to respond, but i have a tendancy to forget things, and to speak and write incorrect english, cause yes, im still in germany, ill be here untill july 2nd i think!! im not to sure though.

but how can you not stand it!
im proud to say that if i parachute out of a plane into the amazon rainforest, with people to help me through ever thing i have to do, i can survive a week :P haha

anyways, hows everything by you??

p.s. the verification word was futty, haha, and it is officialy the word of the day :P

its lucas btw, i forgot my password so i cant sign in :P

Pedro Serpa said...

I think i just "pooted" laughing on this illustration!
It's great!
I've just started to see your blog and i love the artwork!