Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So much to do... little time. Again, I've been neglecting the blog, and even larger, the internets. I feel as though updating the blog is a treat, like a little reward for finishing a project. The trouble is, I've got at least three projects that are in the works, but nowhere near completion. The result? This neglected blog. It seems that more work would provide the exact opposite, resulting in a blog filled with entry after entry. But I can't find the time to justify sitting down and saying, "Here's what I'm doing, but it's just a snip-it...", when I could be using that time to keep working. Perhaps I should view blogging as a task rather than as a reward...
I am also feeling a bit out of touch with the whole comics crowd after my decision not to attend some of my favorite conventions this year. Just this past weekend was SPX, which I haven't missed since 2005. I was sad not to go, but I was able to stay home and finish a little project I'd been working on for Uncle Envelope. Definitely check out the site; it's an awesome thing to subscribe to, especially if you (or your kids) love getting stuff in the mail. Here's a sneak-peek of my mini comic, which will be the mailing item for October:

Yes, those are poops. The comic is all about the human digestive system. I loves me some science!!

And here are some comics from a while ago...I have such a back-log of these, I can't wait until I put them together in a big, fat book (yet another project that might keep me from frequenting the interwebs...)!

The Tetris comic is from last November (before my DS met it's unfortunate fate). Lately, video games have been "off limit" with the exception of a little MarioKart every now and then (you know, to alleviate stress). My favorite vehicle is the Super Blooper. Gee, I wonder why...possibly because it is a car shaped like a squid? But I digress...

I leave you with one of my many job-related comics. This one is about something I'll probably be doing tonight:

I have the best job EVER.



Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd say this to anyone, but NICE POOP, Maris! :)

neil-brideau said...

From a couple of different conversations I had at SPX, the comics community misses you too.

maris wicks said...

Haha! Thanks Christina!

Neil - Aw, thanks! I totally miss seeing my semi-annual comics peeps. Joe and I are thinking about a Chicago visit sometime with the next few months; we'll keep you posted!