Saturday, May 23, 2009

Not dead...just working.

Shake your finger, slap me on the wrist, give me the cold sholder...I've been a negligent blogger. That's right. But of course I have a legitimate excuse (as always): I've been working on a longer comics project. This longer comics project (a biography actually) that combines the early careers of Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey and Biruté Galdikas (three women who studied three different great apes), along with the fantastic writing talents of Mr. Jim Ottaviani. And this book is being published by First Second (yay!) Jim tells a great story of how our working on this project together unfolded here. Pretty hilarious. I should mention that my dream of the past five years has been to do 'science comics', and it's totally awesome that this dream has come into fruition. What it really comes down to is that I just love nerding out. Big time.

I'm not going to post much right now (just a few teasers), seeing as how I'm about halfway through the pencilled pages. I'll update periodically, but don't be surprised if my entries turn into a series of grunts and hoots. I have been trying to manage drawing 5 days a week (I'm only two days a week at my other job), so far it's working out. I've also been putting together a collection of my little autobiographical comics (there's over 200 strips at this point)...but I just keep drawing them.

Here's some chimpanzees:

And another thing: I'm in the anthology Ghost Comics. It comes out today. If you live in Minneapolis, check out the release party.


Comic Tools said...

Oh, you're the one who got the project! Too cool! My friend Erika was competing for that one too.

If it wasn't gonna go to her I'm glad it went to you, I love your work.

chrishaley said...

Congratulations! I like apes and comics and your art, so this is like a triple win for this dude.

maris wicks said...

matt - Erika and I figured that out when we met in Portland! I'm glad you're excited about the book; yeah! for being First Second buddies!

chris - I love providing triple wins!