Thursday, February 5, 2009


That's right. Joe and I are New York City for the New York Comic Con. Yes, I will be selling stuff. No, I will not be in costume. Please come visit our tiny little half a table (B9) in Artist's Alley if you're in town. If I know you well enough, I might give you a cookie.

Hey, I also started an ETSY!!!

But it is in vacation mode until I get back from NYC (Monday).

In addition, I am an ass. I am sorry I haven't posted. Please believe me that I have been drawing lots and lots of comics!! I have! It's true. I even did hourly comics a few days ago; I'll post when I get back.



Greg said...

Have fun in NYC! Please, please, please post more on your blog when you get back! It's been a long cold winter without your awesome art to warm my tiny heart.

bishart said...

heyyyyy good to meet you. still trying to figure out if we met before haha. find me on facebook if youre on there. if not, good for you. haha

maris wicks said...

Thanks Greg! I've got so much stuff to post, I don't even know where to start. Now all I need is some spare time...which I'm sure I can procure. I don't want your heart to freeze!!

maris wicks said...

Hi Ben! Nice meeting you too. I'm sure we'll eventually figure out where we recognize each other' s probably something Maine-related. I am, how do you say, facebook-less? Yeah, I'm living in the internet dark ages, I know...