Thursday, February 19, 2009

23 Things I've done...

...over the past 3 months:

And here's what Number 17 looked like in real life:

I'm a total LOLrus!!

I don't think I'll ever get in the paper for anything comics-related...that's ok though. Not many people can say they made the front page of the Metro section as a GIANT YELLOW WALRUS USING A SEWING MACHINE!!


Isaac said...

I also saw perfect snowflakes!

And slept and farted. I was not in the Boston Globe with a yellow walrus hat.

maris wicks said...

I also saw those perfect snowflakes in Vermont! It must be the Perfect Snowflake State. I have yet to witness them in Boston, but I'm sure it's due to temperature. I would have to say that perfect snowflakes make sub-zero temps worth it.

Greg said...

Yay new comics! Keep them coming!

Liz Prince said...

I can't believe watching me get tattooed didn't make it onto the list of 23 things you've done. srsly.