Friday, May 30, 2008

You want the comics?!

You can't HANDLE the comics!!

All right, well, you probably can...I've been scribbling away the 20 or so minutes on the subway each morning on my way to work. I take it so early (usually around 6 AM) that I'm almost guaranteed a seat. Given the nature of the subway, these drawings are a bit shake-y (apologies for the eye-strain that may ensue). I guess these are somewhat of a response to my need to always make "polished" drawings; the following comics are quite raw. I also see the fitting of a story or snip-it into 3-panel comic as a challenge. It looks so easy when other people do it, but it takes some consideration as to what (or what not) to show. Oh, and if you click on them, they get bigger!

Enough of my babble...comics:

I would like to note that the "We built this zitty" comic should be read to the tune of "We Built This City" by Starship. And here's all you need to know about Alewife. And, no, I don't actually ride a cannoli to work...



Jim said...


Your drunk on the subway strip reminds me that I should be drinking. Thank you. Also, [i]Are[/i] you content?

Ruminating Roy said...

I've been reading your blog for a while after stumbling across it. As always, your humor strikes a chord with me.

And I can sympathize on the zits, my scalp turned into the Pacific Ring of Fire once I stopped working outside.

maris wicks said...

to roy -

thanks! I do blame my hidden zits on the city and its grunginess (rather than my greasy hair)..

to me -

I am somewhat content, and I should add that prior to my über-buzzed subway riding, I burst out laughing at a business man riding a segway down the street. I was by myself...BUT IT WAS STILL FUNNY!!!!

Jammer said...

I love those! :)