Saturday, June 16, 2007


I am leaving bright and early tomorrow for my summer job...Back in Maine, baby! As a result, I will be lacking:

a.) a scanner

b.) a camera to do the job of said scanner

b.) a computer (for at least a week)

c.) spare time

Expect the posts to change a bit in content...perhaps some extreme nature pics. Yeah, pine trees! Yeah, froggies! Yeah, birdies!

On a side note, I'm coming back down to civilization next weekend (June 23rd and 24th) to attend MoCCA in New York. That's right folks, I've got a table and I will be selling handmade stuffed animals and comics. So if you're in the NY area and feel like nerding out, come on by.

Back to the bolg...So, again, the intermittentness with the posts. Hopefully I'll figure out a system that works this summer (fingers crossed). Next time you hear from me, I'll be riding a moose.



Sarah J said...

maybe i'll be down in NY! probably not though, probably lots of packing and stuff.

Sarah J said...

i just read the riding a moose comment. good luck, i'd be a bit afraid. ;)

Icy said...

Will miss your posts, but have a FABULOUS time!

Lighthouse Pilot said...

What kind of a sweet sweet summer job lets you ride a MOOSE???

Ulises Farinas said...

Hey, its me! Ulises! I saw you at mocca, it was nice seeing you!