Thursday, March 1, 2007

Theme number 22.


Icy said...

Dots for eyes are CUTE! All of your themes are great and really high quality.

J said...

Hi! I got linked here a week ago or whatever and I've been checking in daily. I'm curious - with the themes, were they supplied in the challenge, or do you get to make them up yourself?

maris wicks said...

heya jimmeh,
I'm working off of already existing themes...I came upon the 100 themes challenge at this site

while I was perusing the interwebs for comics. It seemed like a good idea. I am breaking one of the rules, though (which applies to your question). I was supposed to post all the themes ahead of time, but I thought all that text in the beginning might deter people...Thanks for your interest!

J said...

Ah! Thanks a lot. I think I'm going to take up the challenge as well as doing a mon/wed/fri comic. It'll be a hella challenge but what the fuck, right? As long as I'm not too taxed it'll help my versatility.

If you want to keep up with mine at all I'll probably post them here.

I'm subscribed to your feed so I can keep up. Awesome stuff so far by the way!