Wednesday, February 7, 2007

100 Themes.

Alrighty. Now for a bit of rambling. I am starting a new 'exercise' if you will (and you will). While perusing the vast internets, I stumbled across something called the '100 themes' project. The concept is this: you are supplied with 100 various themes, and you have to create a drawing for each theme. Pretty straightforward. I see this as a perfectly good excuse to make a drawing each day (or at least for the next hundred days). I've chosen two characters of whom I've previously abused before (2005 SPX Anthology, Project:Romantic - Adhouse Books) to be the subjects of this adventure. And if I miss a few days, it will probably be due to lack of access to the internet (or lack of motiviation on my part). Without further ado, theme numero uno:

See you tomorrow.

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